Reiki Course for Children

Reiki Course for Children
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Reiki is a special gift you can share with your children. Children love Reiki. It can be very beneficial both for small children and for teenagers. 

At What Age Can Children Learn Reiki?

Beginning at the age of 6, they can be attuned into Reiki First Degree. If they desire to be tuned into the Second Degree, it’s possible from the age of 12.

What Are The Benefits of the Reiki Course for Children?

Learning – Reiki can help children with learning disabilities. Reiki can be beneficial before exams when some children can feel stressed and worried.

Behaviour – It reduces a child’s temper tantrums.

Sleep Problems – Most healthy children have an enormous amount of energy flowing through their bodies which can make it sometimes difficult to rest, especially when it comes to sleeping.

Relaxing – Reiki can help calm them down and relax both their mind and body for a general balanced well-being.

Teenage Issues – Reiki can provide relief for so much of the stress that they go through: feeling shy, period pains, hormones, low self-esteem, and confidence and relationship issues.

How Long Does It Take to Learn and Practice Reiki?

The treatment will be shorter, at around 15-20 minutes.


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