Moldavite – The Stone of Transformation


The green-colored moldavite is a great stone for transformation. In crystal healing we use it to purify and stimulate the heart chakra.

The moldavite is one of the stones of the Crystal Healing Level 2 Course.

The meaning of the name Moldavite relates to the Moldau river in the Czech Republic. This deep green meteorite fell to Earth about 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic. It was created by the heat of an extraordinary force and often has dark inclusions within it.

Moldavite is a tektite and a powerful stone for transformation and create change in your life. It is thought to be the stone known as “The Holy Grail Stone”. The word tektite comes from the Greek word “tektos” meaning “molten”. Moldavite often comes in different shades of green, such as deep forest green, pale green, olive green and even greenish brown.

This is a very high vibrational crystal; it aids you to more easily connect to the higher realms. It’s a ‘must have’ crystal for anyone who works with crystal energy. This stone resonates with higher dimensional galactic energies drawing them into the Earth.

Moldavite is connected with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When a moldavite appears in our dreams, it means that a transformation is on the horizon.

General Information

Color: dark olive green or bottle green

Chakra: heart chakra, third eye chakra, crown chakra

Zodiac sign: all

Element: earth

Mohs scale of mineral hardness: 5 out of 10

Common source: Czech Republic, Bavaria, Moldavia

Physical Healing Properties and Qualities of Moldavite

eye issues – aging process – infertility – brain issues – gout – respiratory tract

Eye issues – Moldavite can help if you have a poor vision.
Aging process – It can help slow down the body’s aging process.
Infertility – It is beneficial who fights again infertility.
Brain issues – It protects against mental degeneration and it aids memory retention.
Gout – Moldavite is an excellent stone for treating gout.
Respiratory tract – It may be beneficial in treating asthma and other diseases of the respiratory tract.

Metaphysical (Emotional, Spiritual and Mental) Properties of Moldavite

transformation – spiritual growth – new directions – protection – abundance – compassion – psychic abilities

Transformation – As a stone of rapid transformation and shift, it is a powerful catalyst for making changes in your life.
Spiritual growth – Moldavite will play a very important role in your development or rejuvenation. It will fill you with the energy of growth, expansion and new beginnings.
New directions – It’s an ideal crystal if you want to take your life to a new direction or if you want a big change. This stone helps to align your path to your destiny.
Protection – Moldavite creates a protective shield against negative energies and provides safety in travel.
Abundance – This stone brings you the energies of vitality and abundance. It will make you realize that money is not the most valuable thing in the world.
Compassion – Moldavite symbolizes harmony in love and marriage. You will handle better your emotions. The vibration of this stone allow your mind and heart to work together. It helps you to listen others with compassion and empathy.
Psychic abilities – It facilitates communication with your spirit guides. It assists in astral travel and past life regression by placing it on the third eye chakra.


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