Lapis Lazuli Crystal – The Stone for Public Speakers

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The blue-colored lapis lazuli crystal is a great stone for performers and public speakers. In crystal healing we use it to purify and stimulate the throat chakra.

The lapis lazuli crystal is one of the crystals of our Crystal Healing Level 2 Course.

The name of lapis lazuli comes from the Persian “lazard” or “lazuward”, meaning “blue”. A strong deep blue rock with tiny crystals of iron pyrite and veins of calcite.

The best quality of lapis lazuli has been mined in the province of Badakshan, Afganistan. It is also mined in Russia, Canada and in the U.S.

Known to magicians as a stone of Venus, lapis lazuli as a gift to cement friendships.

This stone was worn by the priests and priestess of Atlantis. It was prized by the cultures in Egypt, Mexico, India, Persia and Mesopotamia.

The heavenly blue of lapis lazuli with its golden flecks was a favorite of the Egyptians wo linked it to the sun god Ra. They wore lapis lazuli in order to assist them in connecting with the Gods and to invoke divine inspiration. In ancient Egypt it was believed to lead the soul into immortality.

It was used by physicians of Egypt and Babylon to relieve head pains, depression, insomnia and fever. In the 17th century lapis lazuli was used to treat epilepsy, dementia, melancholy and nightmares.

In Macedonia, women wear lapis lazuli amulets to prevent miscarriages.

Lapis lazuli is ruled by Jupiter. It increases mental clarity and psychic abilities and it helps in communicating with your Higher Self and Inner Guide.

General Information

Color: deep blue

Chakra: throat chakra, third eye chakra

Astrological Associations / Star Signs: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Lion

Planet: Jupiter

Element(s): air

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness: 5-6 out of 10

Common Source: Chile, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Afghanistan, Burma, USA, Russia, Iran, China, Italy

Physical Healing Properties And Qualities of Lapis Lazuli

throat disorders – brain fields – headache – skin diseases – regulator – blood – anti-radiation protection

Throat disorders – Recommended for throat, bronchi, throat, trachea, esophageal and lymphatic diseases. It can be used effectively to cure asthma, tonsillitis, bronchitis.

Brain fields – It is good for parasympathetic nervous system, nerves. Excellent for epilepsy, for nervous pain.

Headache – Removes headaches, migraines and depression.

Skin diseases – It is used to treat skin disorders, thus it reduces neuronal rash (eczema, warts).

Regulator – In women at the time of change, it regulates hormones and metabolism.

Blood – Reduces high blood pressure. It is also excellent for preventing myocardial infarction and calcification. It prevents the formation of hematoma. It regulates blood circulation and cell division.

Anti-radiation protection – Provides protection against various radiation (radiation, UV radiation, radiation of electrical devices and computers).

Metaphysical (Emotional, Spiritual and Mental) Properties of Lapis Lazuli

self-expression – suffering – creativity – active listening – dreams – psychic attack – purifier

Self-expression – It facilitates to express your thoughts and own opinions. Lapis lazuli brings honesty and it releases anger that causes difficulties in the throat.

Suffering – This stone dissolves emotional bondage, cruelty, self-mortification, martyrdom.

Creativity – Its vibration encourages creativity and self-expression.

Active listening – Lapis lazuli teaches you the value of active listening and to accept truth and its teaching.

Dreams – It enhances dreamwork. If lapis lazuli appears in our dreams, it symbolizes a successful love affair.

Psychic attack – Lapis lazuli is a protective stone, it alerts you in case of psychic attack.

Purifier – It is useful to remove painful memories from the astral body and aura. It calms you after childbirth, abortion, rape and abuse of any kind.


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