Why Is It Useful To Meditate in Your Heart Sanctuary?

The Importance of the Heart Sanctuary Meditation, sanctuaire du cœur, szívszentély
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The heart sanctuary is a place that we create, entering our heart chakra. We can return to our heart sanctuary at any time, and this return will always be healing and relaxing for us.

Heart Sanctuary, The Place of Freedom

In your heart sanctuary you can spend some time with your Inner Guide, Inner Child and other spiritual beings. If you’d like, you can meditate on an ocean beach, in a forest, in a cathedral or even in a cave filled with giant crystals.

There’s no limit to the imagination. It’s free and completely healthy.

Meditation is a delightfully simple practice. Although if you have never tried meditation before, it could be challenging for you to sit for even some minutes and focus on an empty mind. If it’s a new habit for you, give yourself some time.

You Have to Work on Your Spiritual Muscles

In order to build physical muscles, you go to the gym on a regular basis. If you want to build spiritual muscles, you go to your heart sanctuary to meditate as often as you can.

5 minutes every day might be better than a 30-minute meditation once a week.

Some of the studies indicated that meditating even 20 minutes per day for a few weeks was already enough to start experiencing the benefits. Meditation can, among other things, lessen stress, enhance self-esteem, increase mental strength, improve immune system, and reduce blood pressure.

You may be disturbed by different entities by meditating without guidance, or you may see and hear things that don’t help, but hold you back. You can avoid these obstacles if you do your meditations in your heart sanctuary. The idea of creating a heart sanctuary is that within you, you can’t get lost.

As usual, it was mind blowing!!! Whenever I come for a meditation with Tamás, I always leave totally relaxed, ready for the next challenge life throws at me. Read what Bernadette from Brussels said about our Guided Meditation

Before starting your meditation, if possible, turn off your phone, TV, and don’t let anyone disturb you. You can create a peaceful environment by turning off the lights, lighting a candle and incense. An amethyst crystal can deepen your meditation.

Don’t eat or drink alcohol at least two hours before your meditation. You can also put some meditative music on.

If you want to participate on one of our guided meditation sessions, please check our upcoming events.

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