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Healing Session – Testimonials

Distance Vogel Crystal Healing Session Testimonial
“I’ve been having healing treatments for over 5 years. This experience has been by far one of the most effective! If you don’t come, you’re missing out.” Elaine, Palo Alto

Reiki Healing Treatment Testimonial
“This Reiki session was a first one for me. A friend of mine talked me about this method and ever since I wanted to try it. Tamás is very attentive and confident. The treatment lasted a little bit less than an hour. My body responded well and was completely relaxed. I felt calm when I left Tamás.” Jean-François, Brussels

EMSZIL (Saint Germain’s Violet Flame) Healing Session Testimonial
“I can’t rate high enough this session. Let me tell you for about a week now my back was really hurting. But really hurting. It just suddenly started, out of the blue.
As I have never had back problems in my life, I suspected that it must be an emotional blockage that creating all this pain. Right now I am going through some tough decisions which probably brought up some unresolved, painful memories.
I had an EMSZIL session for 45 minutes. It was so relaxing. I didn’t feel anything different after the treatment, but today, 3 days later, I just noticed that my back doesn’t hurt at all! I must have released some worries and fears over the weekend.
I really can’t thank you enough, Tamás!” Rebecca, Paris

Reiki Healing Treatment Testimonial
“I discovered Reiki totally “accidentally” while I was suffering from lumbago. Tamás offered me a healing session. He put his hands on my back, head and body.
It relaxed me immediately as the pleasant heat was flowing through his hands. Today, I can confirm that the beneficial effects of this single Reiki healing treatment accompanied me for about a week.
My energy level is not the same as before the treatment. I’m calmer and more serene, and I don’t suffer anymore. The pain in my lower-back disappeared completely.” Jerôme, Brussels

EMSZIL (Saint Germain’s Violet Flame) Healing Session Testimonial
“It was very good. I could feel the energy coming into my body with great pressure, first at my head and throat, then in my heart and stomach. I saw many colors, but mostly purple color. For a while, everything became dark, as if I were in a forest and my my body was blown by the wind. Then I felt the heat again and in the end of the session, I felt the pressure in my head and saw the purple color. After the session, I felt very cold, but it didn’t last long.” Böbe, Budapest

Distance Reiki Healing Session Testimonial
“I’m glad that I did the session. It was very good and I was really relaxed. The best part is the sensation after the session, I felt lighter and happier, it was a great day full of energy.” Stéphanie, Lyon

Distance Reiki Healing Session Testimonial
“I could actually feel as the vital energy regenerated me from head to toe. It was like an update of a computer, but cell by cell, to become one, united and solid.” Guillaume, Paris

EMSZIL (Saint Germain’s Violet Flame) Healing Session Testimonial
“Thank you, Tamás, for the experience. It was interesting, because I lost my sense of time. I saw different colors and pictures during the treatment. I found myself in a completely different world where I was able to relax. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be refilled with energy and feel what it means to harmonize the body and the sould.” Sylvie, Brussels

Reiki Healing Treatment Testimonial
“It was wonderful. Thank you so much for the best Reiki I have ever received. What a good way to introduce alternative healing to others who may not be aware of them.” Brigitte, Paris

Reiki Healing Session Testimonial
“I was a bit nervous coming to the session, but as we started I began to feel more relaxed and was able to feel heat in my head, face, and feet. It was a really pleasant, therapeutic experience.” Leah, Brussels

Reiki Healing Session Testimonial
“I enjoyed it! It was great, I tried Reiki therapy and I liked it a lot. After I felt myself very good with a lot of energy! Thank you, Tamás!” Catherine, Paris

Tamás Pataki
Tamás is the Founder of MySpiritbook Holistic Healing School. He's a Crystal Healing, Tantra Yoga and Reiki Teacher, meditation coach and past life regression therapist. He is passionate about crystals and spent 18 years practicing different healing methods. Tamás is also a portrait photographer and loves cooking in his free time.


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