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Guided Meditation – Testimonials

“As usual, it was mind blowing!!! Whenever I come for a meditation with Tamás, I always leave totally relaxed, ready for the next challenge life throws at me.” Bernadette, Brussels

“I was nervous and tired at the beginning when I arrived. I followed the instructions. I was at the top of the hill then I went straight and I found my heart sanctuary on a flying pike (like in the movie Avatar) a beautiful landscape with waterfalls. I was in a kind of garden. I saw a lot of images, but I don’t remember well. I was quiet. I went down in the pink quartz cave and then I don’t remember. I think I was sleeping a little bit during the meditation.” Julien, Paris

“I would like to thank you once again for the meditation! I really liked it, and it was a very good experience! Then I got home and I called my parents to tell them how much I love them and how important they are to me, and so I felt really complete the whole evening. It was good to go sleep with this feeling!” Frédéric, Brussels

“It was great as I have trouble meditating on my own. My mind wanders away a lot. It was very easy to follow your voice and I felt great afterwards.” Kirsten, Pleasanton, California

“Good way to learn about crystals and their healing powers, hope to keep returning and learning more! It was really great and the fact that the meditation is guided helps a lot for those with concentration problems!” Pierre, Bruxelles

“I found it very interesting to meditate in this group. Tamás leads the meditation in a very good way. You feel comfortable. I’d like to come as often as possible because you can get very interesting things and images about yourself out of it. It is also interesting to share your own experience with the others as you do in the group. That makes you realize that you have so different experiences from the meditation.” Florence, Paris

“A positive experience in a very welcoming environment.” Charles, Paris

“Wonderful experience. As a newcomer to meditation, Tamás put me right at ease. He was patient and informative and I will be back.” Deirdre, Paris

“Enjoyed the meditation as usual. Went in feeling stressed and tired, left feeling relaxed and much better.” Katalin, Paris

“A bright and peaceful moment with lot of vibrations. Wonderful experience. Thank you, Tamás.” Timi, Paris

“I think it’s a great community for anyone who looks inside themselves and wants to have more peace, positive energy within themselves and others. Tamás has very kind and loving energy.” Marie-Laurence, Paris

“It was my 1st group meditation. I couldn’t really visualize much but I felt the energy all the way through…really felt the 3rd eyes area and the crown as well.” Vivienne, Brussels


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