Crystal Healing Course Testimonials

Crystal Healing Course Testimonials
Crystal Healing Course - Testimonials - Photo © My Spiritbook - Tamás Pataki

Crystal Healing Course
“I was always fascinated by stones and wanted to learn about crystals…I’m Vegan and was looking for a meet up group here Brussels but instead I saw the “MySpiritbook” link… coincidence? naaaaw 🙂
I registered and went to a crystal healing course conducted by Tamás Pataki. I was blown away by the beauty and power of the crystals. All the power and energy is within us but Tamás has that special and gentle way of teaching that brings the best out of of you.
The Module 1 made me realized that nothing happens over night and it takes passion and dedication…it’s an ongoing process therefore, it is a must to develop a real relationship with your crystal and to develop your spiritual abilities.
Anybody who wants to learn about the crystals, the benefits, the link with the chakras, how to clean them…and more, I strongly recommend a session with Tamás! You’ll feel uplifted, you’ll see the results on your everyday life and you’ll discover that there is so much more than what your physical eyes can see :-)” Spaïcy – Brussels, Belgium

Reiki Course Testimonial
“I have done both the crystal healing and reiki level one course with Tamás and I think he is a wonderful teacher. He has so much knowledge about what he does and you can tell he genuinely wants to pass this knowledge on to others.
The crystal healing course has taught me so much about myself already and I’m eager to continue learning. From the very first module you are taught how to start healing yourself and others and Tamas fills you with confidence and encouragement to do so.
The reiki course has come much easier to me but again Tamás gives you the confidence you need to go out and practice on others and to know you have the ability.
I am enjoying this path and looking forward to learning as much from Tamás as possible.” Jodie – Brussels, Belgium

Crystal Healing Course
“I had an exceptional Crystal Healing course with Tamás! We do not learn only about the virtues of stones but also how to integrate their vibrations in our personal healing and to treat our relatives or patients.
Tamás helps us to integrate all these energies thanks to wonderful meditations from which we come out different, grown, calm and strengthened. The training is accessible to both beginners and experts.
It is a real pleasure to be guided by him, a trainer of high quality, who knows how to combine wisdom and heart with such great humility!
Gratitude for having been able to integrate this magnificent adventure which transforms my life day after day! Stones are the jewels of the Universe within our reach, to be able to understand them and to use them correctly is wonderful.
Thank you Tamás and thank you Universe!” Ludivine – Brussels, Belgium

Crystal Healing Course
“I did a lot of training, met a lot of trainers so I had high expectations. I met Tamás, and that’s how I felt: serenity, simplicity and power.
The training is a transmission. Transmission of vibration and energy. There is no ego it’s just simple and so powerful. Powerful by transmitting the link with the universe, powerful by the crystal vibration.
I love the fact that we work only with two crystals (Module 1), it’s so intense and calm. Like a trip to an extra-sensory space in a cosmic world, while everything is anchored into the crystal.
For those who want to go beyond a crystal healing course. To meet a subtle space of themselves, for those who love life, who wish to transmit and share joy, love and health around them, this course is for you. Tamás is just a being of light that will enhance the light within you.” Tatiana Pruzan – Aix en Provence, France

Crystal Healing Course
“A few days ago I followed the crystal healing course that Tamás offers. And what a wonderful training it was…. During this first module we meditated and learned to feel, receive and transmit the energy of the different crystals. It is just wonderful.
We exchange with the group and with Tamás who guides us, who transmits to us his knowledge and experiences with a lot of kindness. A pure moment of energy learning, exchange and spiritual awakening.” Magali – Marseille, France

Crystal Healing Course
“Thank you, Tamás, I really enjoyed this first crystal healing course, very pleasantly surprised and very nice meeting, I’m looking forward to the next one.” Sonia – Aix-en-Provence, France

Crystal Healing Course
“For a very long time I felt that something essential was missing on my spiritual path and it was meditation! I have no words to express my gratitude for the meditations you give. You open a magnificent path and the gratitude for our wonderful being in this wonderful world. Thank you, Tamás, for reconnecting me with my heart through meditation. ” Natascha – Brussels, Belgium

Crystal Healing Course
“Thank you for your meditations that help me a lot. Crystal healing is a great revelation to me. I am happy to have found you. You are the person I was looking for to help me on my spiritual journey.” Margarida – Brussels, Belgium

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