Crystal Energy, How Does It Work?

How Does Crystal Energy Work?
How Does Crystal Energy Work? - Photo © My Spiritbook - Tamás Pataki

Crystal energy cleanses the negative energies of the body, recharges the chakras, focuses the mind, performs mental and physical healing. Crystals channel energy. They intensify, focus and transmit the energy. They can absorb, store and emit energy.

To understand how crystal energy works, first, you have to understand how energy works.

What Is Energy?

Our Universe is made of energy. We are made of energy and everything around us too: animals, plants, minerals, places and even objects. We all have a different vibrational frequency, which varies depending on our health, emotions, etc.

If we’re tuned in to a certain Radio frequency, we can listen to that Radio and we pick up every- thing that emits the same frequency. If you tune in to Latino FM, you can’t expect to hear classical music. In the morning, if you tune in to “I hate my life, everybody is so mean to me.” FM, which is on the frequency of negative emotions and thoughts, you can’t expect positive things to happen to you and to be tuned in to “My life is wonderful, everybody is so nice to me.” FM.

Our human body is made up of approximately 37 trillion cells. Each cell’s wisdom is connected to the Universe and every living thing within it. Our Universe is like a huge ocean of water. Every living thing within that ocean is like a droplet. Together these droplets make up and are part of the universal life force.

There are seven main chakras, or main energy centers within our physical body that control the flow of energy. Each chakra is responsible for supplying energy to specific parts of the body. When our chakras are blocked, our body becomes sick.

Crystal Healing is a key to unlock our body’s optimum capabilities. A Crystal Healing session purifies the chakras, re-balances the flow of energy within and around the body, and the body will begin by cleansing itself of toxins.

What Is Crystal Energy?

Crystals consist minerals, the living organism is made of crystal structure.

Crystals emit different frequencies. They have fine energy fields that recharge living things with different energies. They can protect and regulate the flow of energy.

Crystals are here to teach and serve us. They cleanse the body from the negative energies, re- charge the chakras, focus the mind and perform mental and physical healing.

The Link between Crystal Energy and Minerals

Carnelian Crystal - The Stone of Fertility
Carnelian Crystal – The Stone of Fertility – Photo © My Spiritbook – Tamás Pataki

Let’s take the link between iron and carnelian crystal as an example. In crystal healing we use the orange-colored carnelian crystal to purify and stimulate the sex chakra.

Iron is an essential for blood production. Iron fuels the body with energy. Iron deficiency can cause physical and mental exhaustion.

The sex chakra is orange-colored as well. It controls our feminine and masculine side and reg- ulates the female menstrual cycle. When the sex chakra doesn’t function correctly, it transforms too much or too little energy, fatigue, orgasm problems, impotency, infertility and menstrual cramps may occur.

The iron-containing substance of the carnelian crystal and its energy stimulates and balances together the sex chakra. When someone’s sex chakra has too much energy, the person may use sex as an addiction. When someone’s sex chakra has too little energy, the person may block his sexual desires and can’t properly express his feelings.

It can help to dissolve the blockages of sex chakra if the person meditates with a carnelian crystal or he wears it as a jewelry. After learning one of the methods of the Crystal Healing course, you can invoke its energy directly from your cells. You put your hands on your sex chakra, then the energy starts flowing through your palms and balancing the energies of the sax chakra.

Let’s take the radio again as an example. Those women, who have been trying to be pregnant for a long time, or those men, who would like to have a better libido, should tune in to the frequencies of the carnelian crystal.

You turn the radio on, in other words you take a carnelian in you hands. You tune in to Carnelian FM, in other words you tune in to the frequencies of the carnelian crystal. You start listening to this channel and you let the crystal energy to balance the energy of your sex chakra. It’s simple is that.

The crystal energy works directly on the mind. Thanks to the crystal healing sessions, the en- ergy starts to dissolve the blockages of the sex chakra, that we collected over the years and lives.


This article is not intended to be used as medical advice, nor as a substitute for medical, psychological, or any other healthcare treatment. Always consult a doctor, comply with his recommendations, and continue the prescribed treatments.

The treatments that we recommend and impart are not meant to replace Western Medicine but rather to be complementary and strengthen the treatments you may already be receiving.

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