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Carnelian Crystal – The Stone of Fertility

Carnelian Crystal - The Stone of Fertility
Carnelian Crystal - The Stone of Fertility - Photo © My Spiritbook - Tamás Pataki

The orange-colored carnelian crystal is a “feel better” stone. It boosts fertility and stimulate sexuality. In crystal healing we use it to purify and stimulate the Sex Chakra. It is good for blood-related illnesses and influences the reproductive organs of both sexes.

The carnelian crystal is one of the basic crystals of our Crystal Healing Level 1 Course.

Carnelian comes from the Latin word ‘caro’, ‘carnis’, which means flesh, fleshy. It is also sometimes called Cornelian.

Its healing power was already known in ancient times. It stops a nosebleed, if we put a small piece of carnelian in a glass of warmed wine then we drink the lukewarm wine.

Egyptians made death masks from this stone. The goddess Isis protected he dead with a carnelian amulet she named Thet.

The Romans used it as a protection against accidents and poisoning. In India it is the children’ protective stone, because it can bring down high fever.

General Information

Color: orange, red, brownish-red

Chakra: sex (sacral) chakra

Astrological Associations / Star Signs: Cancer and Taurus, Leo, Virgo

Birthstone: July

Planet: Mars

Elements: fire, air

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness: 7 out of 10

Common Source: Scotland, Brazil, USA, Uruguay, India

Physical Healing Properties And Qualities of Carnelian Crystal

infertility, male impotency – period pain – illnesses of reproductive organs – labor pain – detoxification – blood-related illnesses – stops bleeding – cholesterol – bowel disorders

Infertility – Carnelian crystal dissolves the blockages of the sex chakra. It overcomes infertility and impotence.

Period Pain – It is the most effective crystal for relieving menstrual cramps.

Illnesses of Reproductive Organs – It helps with prostate problems and with illnesses of the reproductive organs (ovarian inflammation and cyst, abdominal pain, tumors).

Labor Pain – According to Hildegard von Bingen, German abbess, it eases labor pain and speeds the birthing process.

Detoxification – It purifies and helps the function of the liver, the gall-bladder, the spleen and the kidneys. It treats kidney and bladder stones.

Blood-Related Illnesses – Carnelian is good when you find blood in urine, it dissolves blood cots (thrombosis), it heals bruises, it eases vascular pain.

Stops Bleeding – It regulates blood pressure; it increases blood circulation of reproductive organs. It stops bleeding.

Cholesterol – This stone reduces cholesterol.

Bowel Disorders – It helps regulating bowel movements. It treats stomach, bowel and metabolism disorders (colitis, constipation and colic).

Metaphysical (Emotional, Spiritual And Mental) Properties of Carnelian Crystal

creativity – feeling of belonging – relationship issues – vitality

Creativity – Carnelian crystal teaches you to acknowledge your job on this planet. It gives courage, it makes you productive, persistent and creative.

Feeling of belonging – It helps you to recognize that you belong to the one. It awakes the feeling of community and reinforces the feeling of belonging.

Relationship issues – It helps to be more appreciative in relationships if one has emotional problems and can’t open themselves to the other.

Vitality – Carnelian crystal is the stone of vitality. It helps to rebuild vitality and motivation.

Ideas for Using a Carnelian Crystal

Carnelian Crystal Affirmations


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