The 3 Levels of the Traditional Reiki Healing System

The 3 Reiki Levels
Group Reiki Healing – Photo © My Spiritbook - Tamás Pataki

There are 3 levels that can be attained. A general understanding of these 3 Reiki levels can help if you want to learn Reiki or if you are looking for a practitioner to work with.

In 2003, when I began my journey to become a Reiki practitioner, I didn’t know anything about Reiki and its three levels. I had a healing session with my master and a month later I found myself sitting in the Reiki Level 1 Course.

I. Reiki First Degree

The Reiki Level 1 workshop focuses on self-healing, although you’ll be able to heal others, too.

In meditation, you create your heart sanctuary and your Reiki Master-Teacher activates your Inner Guide.

You become a channel for Reiki after the attunement (initiation).

You learn the hand positions of the full Reiki treatment. Also, you learn additional individual and group-based exercises that can be useful on your personal journey.

By this time, you may experience physical symptoms of energy in your palms and perceive the differences before and after the attunement, and feel the flow of the Reiki energy in your palms and your body.

After the 21-day cleansing process you share your experiences and receive your Reiki First Degree certificate.

You can read more about the Reiki Level 1 Course.

II. Reiki Second Degree

After the initiation into Second Degree Reiki, you will be able to transmit energy (at least) four times stronger compered to the First Degree.

The Reiki Second Degree has a huge effect on the 6th chakra (third eye chakra), improving your intuitive ability.

You learn how to use the three Reiki symbols which help to focus your mind in order to send energy independently of distance and time.

In meditation, you meet your Inner Child and you Inner Healer will be activated.

After the 21-day cleansing process you share your experiences and receive your Reiki Second Degree certificate.

You can read more about the Reiki Level 2 Course.

III. Reiki Third Degree

The master degree has three additional levels:

III/A – Reiki Master–Healer

By enrolling in this course you become able to help others to strengthen themselves.

III/B – Reiki Master–Teacher

After receiving the Reiki Master-Teacher attunement, the Reiki Master-Teacher is empowered to attune others into the Reiki First and Second Degrees.

III/C – Reiki Master–Lineage Bearer

With this attunement you can initiate your students to all three Reiki levels.

You can read more about the Reiki Level 3 Course.


This article is not intended to be used as medical advice, nor as a substitute for medical, psychological, or any other healthcare treatment. Always consult a doctor, comply with his recommendations, and continue the prescribed treatments.

The treatments that we recommend and impart are not meant to replace Western Medicine but rather to be complementary and strengthen the treatments you may already be receiving.

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Tamás is the Founder of MySpiritbook Holistic Healing School. He's a Crystal Healing, Tantra Yoga and Reiki Teacher, meditation coach and past life regression therapist. He is passionate about crystals and spent 18 years practicing different healing methods. Tamás is also a portrait photographer and loves cooking in his free time.



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