Reiki Course – Testimonials

Reiki Course - Testimonials
Reiki Course - Testimonials - Photo © My Spiritbook - Philippe Brunel

Reiki Course Testimonial
“Tamás is a wonderfully sensitive guide. Balanced and connected I have experienced his vulnerability and impressive intuitive power, I would definitely recommend him. Awesome, light and present, I love his work and truly glad he initiated me into Reiki!” Laura from Brussels, Belgium

Reiki Course Testimonial
“It changed me in so many ways. My view of the world and the people. The problems lose their significance. I have less emotional shock. I feel that I am in harmony and my mood swings faded. Reiki involves a lifestyle change as well.
The body desires for pampering and a healthy lifestyle. During the 21 days cleansing process, I got myself very easily to do a smaller fast as well. I became more sensitive to other energies, “signs” and people. I can love better and I get it back twice.” Ildikó from Paris, France

Reiki Course Testimonial
“After completing the Reiki Level 1 and 2 Courses, I can say that the Reiki energy is such a quiet love energy which firmly and gradually transforms the practitioner. It didn’t bring a sharp change from one day to another nor did an easy enlightenment, but it quietly, firmly and gradually transformed my energies.
I became more balanced, calmer and more patient through the Reiki, my senses became more sensitive as well and my intuition became stronger. These are the qualities that I most need in my life and profession. A special pleasure for me that I can learn and practice Reiki in a great group. Thank you.” Julie from Paris, France


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