Crystal Healing Session With an Amethyst Crystal Wand

Crystal Healing, A Holistic Method To Raise One’s Consciousness

Crystal Healing is a holistic method, an alternative medicine technique where one perform healing through the mind of a crystal. During a typical crystal...
How Does Crystal Energy Work?

Crystal Energy, How Does It Work?

Crystal energy cleanses the negative energies of the body, recharges the chakras, focuses the mind, performs mental and physical healing. Crystals channel energy. They...
The Popularity of Crystal Healing throughout History

Crystal Healing And Its Popularity Throughout History

Crystals, gems and minerals have been used on Earth for a very long time to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Almost every ancient...
Stages of the Crystal Healing Course

Stages of the Crystal Healing Course

The Crystal Healing Course has several stages. We recommend this course for those, who are attracted by the crystals and gemstones not just for their beauties...
The 7 Basic Crystals of Crystal Healing

The 7 Basic Crystals of Crystal Healing

These are the 7 basic crystals of our Crystal Healing Level 1 Course. Smoky Quartz Crystal - The Stone of Grounding The brown-colored smoky quartz crystal...


Tamás is the Founder of MySpiritbook Holistic Healing School. He's a Reiki and crystal healing master, meditation coach and past life regression therapist, and spent 14 years practicing different healing methods. He is passionate about crystals. Tamás was born in Hungary and has been living in Paris since 2009. He’s also a portrait photographer and loves cooking in his free time.
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