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Tamás Pataki

Tamás is the Founder of MySpiritbook Holistic Healing School. He's a Crystal Healing, Tantra Yoga and Reiki Teacher, meditation coach and past life regression therapist. He is passionate about crystals and spent 16 years practicing different healing methods. Tamás is also a portrait photographer and loves cooking in his free time.
Crystal Healing Course "I was always fascinated by stones and wanted to learn about crystals...I'm Vegan and was looking for a meet up group here Brussels but instead I saw the "MySpiritbook" link... coincidence? naaaaw :-) I registered and went to...
Reiki Course - Testimonials

Reiki Course – Testimonials

Reiki Course Testimonial "Tamás is a wonderfully sensitive guide. Balanced and connected I have experienced his vulnerability and impressive intuitive power, I would definitely recommend him. Awesome, light and present, I love his work and truly glad he initiated me into Reiki!" Laura...
Healing Session - Testimonials

Healing Session – Testimonials

Distance Vogel Crystal Healing Session Testimonial "I've been having healing treatments for over 5 years. This experience has been by far one of the most effective! If you don't come, you're missing out." Elaine, Palo Alto Reiki Healing Treatment Testimonial “This Reiki session...
"As usual, it was mind blowing!!! Whenever I come for a meditation with Tamás, I always leave totally relaxed, ready for the next challenge life throws at me." Bernadette, Brussels "I was nervous and tired at the beginning when I arrived....
If you are interested in healing courses, but we haven't scheduled it in your area yet please contact us if you would like to arrange specific dates to suit you. June 2018
Crystal Healing Course for Beginners in Brussels by Tamás Pataki

Crystal Healing Course in Brussels

If you are attracted to crystals and gemstones and you want to benefit from their frequencies and healing properties, this Crystal Healing Course in Brussels, Belgium is for you. I invite you to discover the Universe of crystals and gems...
21 Day Gratitude Challenge

21 Day Gratitude Challange

I invite you to the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. Practicing gratitude takes only about 5 minutes a day, but it might be life-changing. Starts: February 10, 2018 (Saturday) Ends: March 2, 2018 (Friday) - 1st 10 Million Multiplier Day Venue: Your Home Facebook...
This is a list of Crystal and Esoteric Shops in Brussels and Belgium. Feel free to contact me if you know about other shops. Crystal Shops in Brussels, Belgium Crystal Shop - Le petit Caillou Address: Avenue de l’Hôpital Français 18, 1082...
Meditation with a crystal, Crystal Healing Level 1 Course

Crystal Healing Level 1 Course

EMSZIL Violet Flame Level I Course

Tantra Yoga Level 1 Course

Tantra Yoga Level 1 Course

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